IMDEA building, Madrid

NoCanther study moves magnetic nanoparticle device towards the clinic

Dr. Luc Van Hove from MARACA International participated in the IMDEA meeting in Madrid on Magnetic nanoparticle-based medical devices towards the clinic. This scientific and clinical meeting transitioned the NoCanther clinical study from REFINE to the Safe-N-Medtech consortium for further development. At the meeting the status of the development of paramagnetic iron nanoparticles was reviewed.  Details were presented on how to produce stable iron nanoparticles of the right size and the right properties. The establishment and validation of the clean room manufacturing of the iron nanoparticles was discussed. The status of the preclinical testing in vitro and in vivo in different animal models was reviewed. The first in-human pancreatic adenocarcinoma patients of the NoCanther clinical study which are treated with the Resonant Circuits Limited (RCL) hyperthermia therapy were reviewed. The treatment was found to be safe and possible. The NoCanther clinical investigation is transitioning from REFINE, which comes to an end, to Safenmt for further study progression. MARACA presented at the meeting the regulatory and clinical investigation requirements for a Pre-CE conformity study to establish the safety and performance of the RCL NTT hyperthermia device. Moving this new treatment from the development phase to the clinic is an exciting achievement. Everyone involved deserves congratulations for their hard work!