Brandenburg gate during Berlin Marathon 2023

MARACA International at Berlin Marathon 2023 and 24th IMDRF Stakeholder Workshop

It is great to start our visit to Berlin with the Berlin Marathon 2023. It reminded me of the marathons I’ve run in the past and all the excitement around such an event. Due to the Marathon I had to do a walking marathon to see the Berlin monuments. The Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag building were located within the Marathon zone, which is super for the runners, but difficult for tourists. The weather was great so the long walk back and forwards though the Tiergarten was very enjoyable.

Next, MARACA International and Silimed participate in the IMDRF-Stakeholder Workshop and Stakeholder forum on 25 – 26 September. We’ll follow the regulatory developments around breast implants. What is expected for performance of breast implants and what level of side effects are acceptable. Also, patients will participate as stakeholders to express their own views. It will be a great meeting with all these regulatory experts from around the world to talk about the regulatory progress they have made. I’m looking forwards to the sessions.