2020 Global Excellence Award

MARACA CEO interviewed for 2020 Global Excellence Award

MARACA International received the 2020 Global Excellence Award, recognizing our focus on delivering Service Excellence.

Based in Flemish-Brabant, MARACA International is a consulting firm which provides executive-level services to medical device and pharmaceutical companies and clinical laboratories across the globe. Following MARACA recent success in the 2020 Global Excellence Awards, we got in touch with CEO Luc Van Hove to find out more.
Founded in 2017, MARACA International have focused on providing the best in-class regulatory, quality and clinical services to medical device manufacturers, clinical laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and notified bodies since inception. To start, Luc begins by offering us an insight into the firm’s specialisms and their typical clientele.
“Medical devices placed on the European market must meet the requirements of their respective regulations, so by ensuring the manufacturer has obtained the CE mark label, we are helping them provide the evidence they need to prove of their compliance. With full management of the manufacturer’s regulatory affairs activities, small and medium size manufacturers can outsource all for effective regulatory affairs management. With further hands-on training on specific parts such as risk management, clinical evidence, performance evaluation reports and the composition of technical documentation, we can facilitate your conformity assessment and understanding of the requirements for CE marking.”

“As well as SME pharmaceutical and medical device companies, we are working through our network of contacts to deliver excellence to all. In regards to our client approach, we focus on their bespoke needs, delivering interactive training sessions to help them focus on the practical implementation of their products. Having introduced a series of training modules around the European medical device regulation, our training sessions can be delivered in-class or can be accessed digitally. Collectively, it’s our mission to help bring medical technology, such as nanotechnology, from concept and development through to medical device registration. Working with our international client base we are committed to improving lives through service excellence.”

Working in a thoroughly competitive industry can make life difficult for some companies when it comes to distinguishing themselves from others. However, with more than 20 years’ experience in the field, MARACA International can offer a unique service as a medical practitioner. Luc added “Unlike many of our competitors in the region, we can advise in the development of companion diagnostic products and offer health hazard assessments for patient complaints.”

Currently, the outbreak of COVID19 is having a major impact on the operations of businesses across the globe. In particular, the pandemic has changed the ways in which MARACA are communicating with both clients and staff as Luc further explains. “The ongoing coronavirus crisis has resulted in many businesses working remotely and we are in a similar boat. Conducting virtual meetings is far from ideal but with tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams available we have been able to maintain contact with our clients throughout these difficult times.”
Unlike many others, recruitment in the medical and pharmaceutical industries in these current times is vital as we aim to fight coronavirus, as Luc goes on to explain. “We are looking for experts interested in working within our MARACA network, and currently with the coronavirus pandemic we are keen to recruit more faces as we look to play our part in putting a stop to the spread of this disease.”
Finally, Luc comments on the future of MARACA International and the plans in place to ensure the firm remain one of the leading clinical and regulatory affairs consultancies in Europe. “Going forward, we are focused on supporting our clients with innovative approaches as we look to get through the coronavirus outbreak. Furthermore, bringing innovative nanotechnology-based devices in a compliant way to both the European and US markets, will be a key focus of ours.”